Saturday Caturday

It’s another quiet Saturday here at Chez Applequeen after two crazy supermoon nights. On Thursday night, Radar was possessed by such a full moon fever that he’s never had before. Usually it’s Bobby who gets touched by the moon. They were both insane. Last night wasn’t as bad but they were both up & running around for a good portion of the night. Of course, right now they’re both sleeping. I confess that I slept several hours this morning & I’ll probably sleep before the Bill’s preseason game at 4 p.m., although if I miss the game, it won’t be a big deal, because I’m not a big preseason person.

I’ve posted plenty of pics of sleeping cats so I thought today I’d dig out some baby pics of the crazy kitties. It’s nice to remember when they were cute & little & manageable.

When Bobby was little, he liked to hang out in the bathroom sink. I had a small round one in the apartment I was living in at that time.

Radar was so utterly adorable that I wish he had never grown up. Of course, he’s still adorable, that’s his problem. & he still thinks he’s a kitten.

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