This, today.

“This user is blocked from commenting on Scotties Playtime. The person has been asked not to comment on this blog. This person deleted my comments on her blog and refused to answer questions why, but this person left up their replies under a prior comment attempting to make me look stupid and uneducated on the subject. When I asked her why she did that she refused to answer. This person continuing to comment here and not addressing my question on her behavior to me shows contempt for me and a lack of respect for my blog. I have now gone to the step of blocking this person. Bye”

At least Scottie had the courtesy to tell me why he blocked me, although he’s totally wrong. I’ve never tried to make him look “stupid & uneducated” on any subject. & I don’t have a contempt for him or any other person, nor do I have a lack a respect for his blog. I stopped following his blog because he posts too much & I can’t take all the email in my inbox. I have too much email as it is.

My beef with Scottie is that we disagree on trans-ideology & instead of “agreeing to disagree”, like reasonable people do, like friends do, he kept trying to argue with me. Some of his arguments, especially those concerning the transing of children & the education of young children concerning trans-ideology seemed to me just like the arguments that abusers use, especially child abusers. I am giving Scottie the benefit of the doubt here & I don’t think he knew what he was saying. But as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I am really tuned to this kind of thing & I am all about keeping children safe from predators, ALL predators.

As to “refusing to answer”, I did what I do with all people who continue to hound me when I say I do not wish to continue the conversation … I walk away. Which is what I did with Scottie. I am very sad that it’s come to this. I really like Scottie & I am going to miss him. This argument has rippled through WordPress & now I am finding myself no-platformed on several other blogs that I follow. I won’t list them here but it’s really getting to me. & it’s all because of the stupid trans-ideology political crapola.

I will state it here & I will state it clearly. I do not hate anyone. I have fought for the civil rights of all people, including transgendered people & I will continue to do so for the rest of my life. However, I do not & I will not fight for an ideology that is toxic & is obviously the patriarchy on steroids … that is removing sex-based protections for girls & women … that is teaching gender ideology to children too young to understand what it means … that is weaponizing BOTH the Republicans & the Democrats in their war against each other & the American people. An ideology that is based on kink & porn & should be left in the adult sex industry where it belongs. As a former sex worker, I know what I am talking about.

This is an ideology that should NOT be taught to children. Honestly, no ideology should be taught to children. Leave the kids alone! You don’t give kids alcohol & cigarettes or drugs … you make them wait until they are adults. This ideology is the same damn thing. But for some reason, it now OK to put children on life-changing drugs & even mutilate their bodies, all in the name of being “trans inclusive”.

As a mother & soon-to-be-grandmother, I find this absolutely egregious.

I have no doubt that there are children that think they are the opposite sex. When I was a kid, I thought I was a deer. For a while I thought I was a horse. & yes, I thought I was a boy. I was a tomboy & I am still a tomboy. But I am a woman & I am SO FUCKING GRATEFUL that I don’t live in today’s world because I still have my beautiful breasts, I wasn’t ever put on puberty blockers, I have experienced orgasms & still do. I think of all the children who will NEVER have an orgasm because of the drugs they are being fed, because nobody is making them wait until they are old enough to know what’s going on in their growing minds & bodies. Nobody has the strength to tell them NO. Like parents & the adults in their lives are supposed to do. Like mine did. Yeah, I hated my parents sometimes. You’re supposed to hate your parents. Now I am so thankful I had parents who loved me enough to be “mean”. They weren’t mean … they LOVED me.

As for puberty blockers … you’re supposed to go through puberty! & you’re supposed to hate it. I know I hated my period, especially back in the 1970s, when I wasn’t allowed to wear a tampon (my Catholic mother forbid it) & I had to wear this awful belt with the pad & the metal clasp bit into my skin. It was TERRIBLE. When I hear young girls complain about their periods now, I think, gee you just don’t know. But yeah, I get it. Puberty sucks & periods suck & boys being boys suck. & all the changes suck. It’s called growing up. It’s what all animals do & humans are animals.

Stop trying to fuck with reality. Reality is humans come in two types, men & females. You cannot change your sex. You can change your gender but not your sex. Gender is not sex. I know that most people now think that gender & sex is the same thing but that is not true. I am a WOMAN, that is AN ADULT HUMAN FEMALE.

Transwomen are not women. They are men. Transmen are not men. They are women. This is reality. The prefix “trans” has meaning, it’s not there for nothing! If transwomen were really women & transmen really men, why is the “trans” there? Because they’re not. & everyone knows this. It’s only ideology that says they are.

I live in the real world. Not in some transgendered magical world. This does not mean I hate transgendered people or that I’m “transphobic” or “hateful” or any other stupid thing. It means I am living in REALITY.

Goodbye Scottie. I’ll miss you. But that’s the way it goes in war.

4 Replies to “This, today.”

  1. I’m glad to see you’re not letting yourself be gaslit/brainwashed on this issue. It’s difficult being a sane person during a period of empowered hysteria, like McCarthyism or the Satanic Panic, both of which the trans ideology resembles in various ways. The tide is turning, though. They got away with this lunacy because most of the public had only a hazy idea what was going on, but more information is seeping out now. Europe is ahead of the US in starting to curb the abuses, but it will happen here too.

    Scottie, in my opinion, has issues with normal adult internet interaction. Some time ago I had a disagreement with him about something he had posted, and he ended up posting a personal e-mail I sent him in a public forum (a comment thread in a third party’s blog). When I called him out on this, rather than get it taken down, he hand-waved and made excuses. I have not had any interaction with him since then.

    I’m not surprised that you’re getting blocked on some other blogs over this. Trans ideology is practically unique in the way it demonizes any disagreement. But in the long run it’s those who stood up for reality, not those who joined in with the howling mobs, who will be respected.

      1. Yes, MPS stopped linking to my link round-ups some months ago. It had been a recurring Sunday post linking to a couple of other things too, including something Scottie did, so I’m not sure whether dropping it was ideological or he just didn’t want to do a regular Sunday link post any more. In any case, no biggie. I’d been getting about 20% of my Sunday page views from MPS, but after he stopped linking, my page views bounced back pretty fast.

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