Saturday Caturday

Once again, Buffalo & Western New York are being hammered by a blizzard. I know that this area is not the only place in America that’s being hit by winter weather, but this is where I live, so this is what I report on.

Bobby is hiding because he hates the sound of the blizzard-force winds hitting the house & shaking the house like it’s a dusty rug. But Radar has been going from window to window, complaining that he can’t see out. This morning, he’s been at the big picture windows in the living room, meowing at the snow.

You can’t see from these photographs, but there’s a snowdrift outside these windows as tall as the awning. This drift is the one that’s pressed against my front door, making it impossible to open. There’s another drift in the back, pressing again my back door. The irony is that I brought my snow shovel into the house before the storm so that it wouldn’t get buried by the snow & I would be able to just shovel my way out of the house. I didn’t know I was going to be unable to open my doors! LOL ~

Luckily, I have everything I need & don’t need to go anywhere until Wednesday, when I have a chiropractor appointment. But I’ll need someone to dig me out! This is a new one on me. I’ve lived through numerous snow storms & blizzards but never been incarcerated within my own home by the snow! But hey! It’s Christmas Eve & I have no wants, no needs, no worries. Just two sweet kitties & a lot of love.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


4 Replies to “Saturday Caturday”

  1. Glad you’re safe, Polly. I was worrying when I heard how badly Buffalo would be hit. Hope you get help shoveling you out very soon. And cheers for making the best of being snowed in!

  2. I read today that Buffalo has some 6 feet of snow, and I thought of you. Stay warm and keep safe … it’s worrisome knowing that you can’t get out of the house in case of an emergency, but at least you’re safe and have electricity. Happy Holiday … and welcome to Winter 2022-2023!

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