Missing Tile Syndrome

This is so true! I used to think of this as a puzzle where there’s always a piece missing & you’ll never find that piece but it doesn’t mean that the picture of the puzzle is any less beautiful! You have to take the good with the bad! A wonderful post!

Kaushal Kishore

A hotel had a very beautiful swimming pool made of Italian tiles, but one tile was missing. People would come and appreciate the beauty of the pool, but their eyes would be fixed on that missing one among thousands of tiles. They would finally leave unsatisfied.

We have 32 teeth, but our tongue goes only till the broken tooth. If a chair is removed from the drawing room, our attention will go only to the absence of that chair.

We focus on what we do not have, but are not satisfied with what we have. Just one shortcoming snatches all our happiness in a moment.

This tendency of humans is called the “Missing Tile Syndrome”, a term coined by Dennis Prager. It is a very big obstacle to happiness, as the mind gets preoccupied with imperfections and anomalies.

This is a psychological problem that may give rise to both mental…

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