Saturday Caturday

We’ve had the coldest weather of the season these past several days. Right now it’s 18 degrees, which is the warmest it’s been, but there’s a steady breeze of about 14 mph, which brings down the real feel to about 10 or so. But that’s better than yesterday, which was only 3 degrees, with a wind chill of minus 5 or 6 or maybe more. It was brutal out there yesterday.

The cats are staying close to the heating vents. Here they are in the spare bedroom. Bobby’s on the bed I made for Radar & Radar is one of the pillows on the bed. The vent is under the window. I had new windows put in this summer, so the heat isn’t escaping, like it did with the old windows.


2 Replies to “Saturday Caturday”

  1. Your temps are about what ours are … the high today reached a whopping 14°. Bobby and Radar look cozy … makes me want to crawl into bed myself! Keep warm, my friend!

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