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I had to share “Plastic Surgeons Advertise Procedures to Free ‘Non-Binary’ People of All Genitals” but there was no way to reblog, so I hope Diana Shaw of Women Are Human blog doesn’t mind me doing this.

I have always been against the Plastic Surgery Industry. I don’t think it’s medicine at all, & while there are some very rare cases where these kinds of procedures may be lifesaving (reconstructing a person’s face so they can breathe properly, for instance), most procedures are for vanity only and absolutely of no use whatsoever except to make the so-called doctor wealthy. When you consider the plastic surgery nightmares of people like Michael Jackson (I remember when he was a cute kid!) or Phyllis Diller or so many other celebrities who may not go under the knife but ruin their faces with numerous shots of Botox, the Plastic Surgery industry is a…

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the antithesis of patriarchal structures

Because this is true freedom

Peedeel's Blog

Right now, we’re seeing an uptick in the embrace of the dark feminine overall. As with the phrase “nasty woman” being reclaimed and resignified by feminists of all stripes, the word “witch” is now being worn as a badge of pride. Witches are change-makers. They’re transgressive beings who dwell on the fringes of society, and so they’re the perfect icon for rebels, outsiders, and rabble-rousers, especially those of the female persuasion.

Women are tired of being told we have to be bright, happy, pretty, and pleasing all the time, while still being paid less and given less autonomy over our bodies and lives. By embracing our dark aspects, we are rejecting the paradigm of “perfection” and oppression that centuries of history have calcified in our collective psyche.

Most significantly, the witch is the antithesis of patriarchal structures. She represents an alternative way of being across so many systems. She is…

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Tuesday Tummyrub

I know it’s very late in the day but I’ve been unpacking & putting things away all day. Right now it’s thundering & lightning & raining & the cats are both hiding but earlier they were both hanging out & being really happy in the new house. Radar was rolling around on the carpet in the family room, which is going to be my new study.

photograph © polly macdavid 2021

This is not the new normal.. by Greta Thunberg


The Free

Climate Change

Deadly heatwaves, floods, storms, wildfires, droughts, crop failures…
This is not “the new normal”.

We’re at the very beginning of a climate and ecological emergency, and extreme weather events will only become more and more frequent.

After the catastrophic recent developments – especially in Western Europe – everyone seems to be talking about the climate emergency, and rightly so.

But as soon as these tragedies are over we’ll most likely forget about it and move on like before.

Unless we treat the crisis like a crisis all the time, we will not be able to halt the climate emergency.

People in power are now trying to act responsibly, saying lots of beautiful words.

Everyone seems to forget that they are the ones responsible for putting us on a pathway towards a several degrees hotter and destabilized planet.

My thoughts are with everyone affected by these events.

  1. Liège…

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Common Myths About Narcissistic Abuse

I’ve heard every single one of these, at least once.

Cynthia Bailey-Rug

There are many myths about narcissistic abuse. This post’s purpose is to debunk some of the more common ones.

“You let him/her get away with treating you that way. That’s why he/she does what they do.” Narcissists aren’t normal people who respect boundaries. They don’t care that their actions cause pain & problems for others. They only care about what they want. No matter what consequences you give a narcissist, chances of them respecting your boundaries are slim to none.

“Narcissists only abuse the weak & stupid.” Anyone can be abused by a narcissist, no matter their intelligence, personality, religious beliefs, social standing or gender. Narcissists are incredibly good actors & can convince anyone of whatever they want them to believe. Even people who know a great deal about Narcissistic Personality Disorder can be fooled temporarily. Someone who doesn’t know about it can be fooled much easier & for a…

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She Who Lives: Carol P. Christ

Another beautiful tribute to the late, great Carol P. Christ, who will never be forgotten by those of us who loved her & learned from her.

Carol Molivos by Andrea Sarris 1

Carol P. Christ is one the bravest, boldest, and most revolutionary women we have ever known. For so many of us, Carol is a friend, a mentor, and the one who taught us to tell our stories. Her books, articles, and writings here on Feminism and Religion created a space for other women to ask questions, to challenge the patriarchy, and to affirm our value.

Carol’s gift to us came at a cost to her. Like the lotus flower, she had to grow through mud before recognizing her own beauty. It was through her own struggle in darkness, her efforts to wade through its heaviness, that she found her strength, wisdom, and voice. She found the Goddess.

Carol described her journey as a Serpentine Path; one that began in despair and resulted in “rebirth and regeneration.” It led her from Stanford, to Yale, to her beloved home in Lesbos. She…

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In Memoriam: A Collective Tribute to Carol Patrice Christ 1945-2021

Back in the 1980s, when I was first learning about Women’s Spirituality & Goddess Religion, Carol P. Christ was one of the writers I read ALL the time. She was always totally feminist, literate … she always referenced her sources & she always had GREAT sources. I learned SO much from her. I have followed her blog for YEARS. I am going to miss her. May she live in the light & love of the Great Goddess forevermore. Namaste.

The community of Feminism and Religion (FAR) grieves the death of Carol P. Christ.

Our sister friend, Laura Shannon, emailed us early in the morning to share the news that “Carol passed peacefully in her sleep last night at 12.11 am on July 14th. Alexis (Masters) was with her.” Carol died in the company of friends.

Her writings here on FAR have been a gift to countless many of us for years. She recently emailed me to let me know that she would need to step back from writing her weekly FAR post for the foreseeable future, and, that if she could pull it off, she would send in her swan song soon. That moment didn’t come and that’s ok. There is no finale for a person such as Carol. We are changed and blessed because of her presence in our lives. Her legacy will be long and enduring.

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let me remain old, in my ways

love this poem

. . .

i.oh how i can imagine, it’s her birthday. but oh i do not wish for myself, to merely text her; for oh i’d rather wait, until i meet her later that day, and wish her in person.

for oh i wish to feel her close, as i’d say it.
for oh i wish to see her, when i’d say it.
for oh i wish to hug her, as i’d say it.
for oh i wish to cover her in kisses, as i’d say it.

and oh until i do, all this; wishing her would feel just incomplete.

ii.oh i do not mind those gift shops, my love; but i would rather make you a card myself.
for oh as i close my eyes, and imagine, as to how beautiful of a moment it would really be, when oh i’d surprise you w it, oh i can’t help but…

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