Thursday Artworks

It’s been a busy late winter/early spring & I’ve fallen behind on some of my weekly blog posts. Today I want to restart the Thursday Artworks posts with an artist named Vinnie Sutherland. She does incredible work, using photographs, metalworking, and pieces from nature.

picture found on

Her website is here ~~~~>

I was introduced to Vinnie Sutherland via the WordPress blog Humoring the Goddess. The original post is here ~~~~>

Thursday Artworks

I found this artist via Edge of Humanity Magazine. His name is Albert Enz & he lives in France. He is self-taught as an artist.

This is abstract art at its finest. The colors are brilliant. I would love to see this work in a museum. It’s always different when you see a painting large & commanding & you can approach it from different angles & really see it. Experience it the way it’s supposed to be.

But hey, it’s OK on the internet … better than not seeing it at all.

photograph from

To view Albert Enz’s website & the galleries of his paintings, click this link ~~~~>

The Creative Process

I found this blog via Andrea R. Huelsenbeck’s WordPress blog ARHtistic License. Every week she sends out a list of links & this was one of them. I think the author of the blog, “Audrey”, describes the creative process better than I have ever seen it done. Yes, it’s about quilting, but it could be about anything … writing, painting, sculpting, you-name-it … creativity is creativity.

link here ~~~~>

Thursday Artworks

This is some of the coolest stuff I’ve seen in a long time. The artist’s name is Alex Chinneck.

I found this artist’s site via Humoring the Goddess, a WordPress blog I follow.

Here’s the link ~~~~>

Click on his name to enter the site (took me a minute to figure that out!)