Saturday Caturday

It’s bitterly cold here in Buffalo, only 8 degrees as I write, with a clear blue sky & a bright sun that makes the white snow sparkle. It hurts my eyes to look out the window, it’s so bright.

I went into the spare room to put away some papers in the file box & generally straighten up & I found Radar stretched out on the floor vent, enjoying the warm flow of air.

Saturday Caturday

This is my newest problem. When I got Yule presents for the cats, one of gifts I bought for them was a pack of cat treats. Usually, I keep these kind of things in the pantry with the rest of the cat food but I put this pack in the upper right hand drawer of my desk, in which I keep my eight-year-old Nikon camera, the cord I need to attach it to my laptop to upload pics, & other cords for the laptop. Sometime before the holiday, I put one of the jingle bell ornaments that Radar had gotten off of the tree & was playing with when I wanted to nap … so on Christmas afternoon, after the kitties had obviously had gotten bored with their new toys, I opened up my desk drawer to give them their other holiday gift. When I opened the drawer, of course the jingle bell that was in there made its jingly sound, which alerted Radar, & when I picked up the cat treats package, both cats were RIGHT THERE.

I don’t know why I kept that package in that drawer. I should have taken it right out of there immediately & put it into the pantry where it belonged. & that jingle bell … well, I put it back into the toy box earlier this week, but I was wicked delinquent on that one, too.

So now, whether or not there’s cat treats in the drawer or not, whenever I open this drawer, for any reason, the cats come running. & I admit … I keep a pack of cat treats in the drawer because … I like the cats running to my desk. I admit it. I’m a slave to my cats. LOL

It just happened. I opened the drawer to put away my camera & the cats came running. So I gave them a little treat.

I guess I’m my own worst enemy. But hey … I would be one sad, lonely woman without Radar & Bobby.

Saturday Caturday

It’s a rainy, dreary Christmas here in Buffalo. The cats had me up early to get their Christmas presents.

After a breakfast of eggs, polish sausage & tator tots, I made a fire in the fireplace & curled up on the couch with a good book. In a little while, I dozed off. When I woke up, the firs had died down & the kitties were sleeping in front of the hearth.

I’ve rebuilt the fire & soon dinner will be on the table. Back to my reading!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

photograph & text © polly macdavid                                                    

Saturday Caturday

I’ve been seeing a LOT of memes lately about cats & Christmas/Yule trees. I am sure you’ve seen them too. Cats climbing Christmas trees. Cats sleeping in the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree knocked over because of the cat. ETC.

In my adult life, I have had eight cats & NOT ONE OF THEM has ever climbed a Christmas tree, slept in the tree or knocked a tree over. The only time a Christmas tree was knocked over by a pet was when I was a kid & our German Shepherd dog knocked over the tree with his wagging tail, smashing a bunch of brand-new blue ornaments that we had just put on the tree.

Amazing that there’s so many memes about cats & Christmas trees but I have yet to see one about a dog screwing up the Christmas tree.

My cats have never been interested in the tree. They like the tree, for sure. They like to sit by it, underneath it, they might play with a few of the lower ornaments … which is why I don’t put anything breakable on the lower branches … but they have never messed up the tree at all. In fact, I have never worried about it.

I found these pictures from when my son was ten months old … his first Christmas! Notice the fence around the tree. It wasn’t there to keep the cats (Jet & Little Joe) away from the tree! It was there to keep JAMES away from the tree!

Notice Little Joe in the chair, watching James, trying to get to the tree. BTW, I still have those hand-made ornaments … the Santa & the queen of hearts playing card. & a whole bunch of other ones I made … I was so poor in those days, I made most of the ornaments for the tree. They remain my favorite ornaments.

Here’s a picture of Jack, sitting underneath the tree on Christmas Eve, 2011. He loved sitting underneath the tree. How I miss him!

So the hell with stupid cat & Yule tree memes! Maybe your cat is simply not very well brought up! I know it’s popular to say that you can’t train a cat but this is not true … believe me, my cats know the word NO & they also know the sound of my voice when I am NOT HAPPY with their behavior!

They also know when I am a happy mommy & how I express my love for them.

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone!

Tummyrub Tuesday

I’ve been going through old photographs & scanning them & then organizing them to put on flash drives.

Here’s an old picture of Jet showing his tummy … it has to be from early 1992.

photograph © polly macdavid

Saturday Caturday

Unlike other years, the cats are unimpressed by the Yule tree. Once in a while, I hear the tinkling of an ornament bell but generally, neither Bobby nor Radar are paying any attention to the tree this year. Last year, Radar got every single bell ornament off the tree & had a good old time playing with them. But this year? He’s more fascinated with looking out the large window in front which the tree is placed.

He sits here most of the day, unless he’s curled up sleeping in one of his cozy spots.

photograph © polly macdavid 2021

Makeup Monday

I had guests over the weekend, enjoying a belated Thanksgiving celebration, so my usual weekend blogging was interrupted. Those of you who are fans of Saturday Caturday, I do apologize!

This morning, I went to make the guest bed with the newly washed sheets & found that I was going to have to wait, since the cats had decided to take naps on the sheets & the bedspread. Since it’s a dark & dreary day here in Buffalo, I decided that they had the right idea & took a little nap myself. Housework can always wait!

photograph & text © polly macdavid 2021

Saturday Caturday

Well, now that Thanksgiving & the other Autumn festivals are over, it’s time to take down the fall decorations & pack them away for another year & get out the Yule decorations & start being all jolly & such.

Or maybe it’s time to take a nap on the holiday place mats, just unpacked!

photograph © polly macdavid 2021

Saturday Caturday

One thing I like about the colder weather is that Radar sleeps with me at night. He gets underneath the blankets & puts his head next to mine on the pillow & purrs until he’s softly snoring. I hold his furry body & it’s the nicest thing in the world! It’s one of the reasons I love winter.

Of course, I don’t have a picture of this because I can’t take a picture of Radar & me while we’re in bed (I’ve tried) but I have this one of a sleepy Radar on my bed.

photograph © polly macdavid 2021

Saturday Caturday

We got our first snow here in Buffalo & although the sun came out & melted most of it, the wind is blowing cold, so the cats have sensibly decided to sleep away the afternoon.

They are both in the spare bedroom, which is also the library.

photograph © polly macdavid 2021