Saturday Caturday

Today is International Cat Day!  My three buddies are taking their morning naps.  Here they are:


Jack on my bed (one eye opened when the camera flashed).


Bobby on the couch (pissed off because I woke him up).


Radar on the Moroccan rug.   (I wonder what my little sweetheart is dreaming about?)


all photographs © polly macdavid


Saturday Caturday

I have always been surrounded by cats.  Dogs too; but cats hold a special place in my heart.

My grandmother had a cat named Pansy.  She was a beautiful calico who lived to be eighteen years old.  She was around seven years old in this photograph.  I was about a year old, since I don’t know if this was taken before or after my first birthday.

with pansy the cat

I am not sure who took this photograph but it was probably one of my grandparents.

Saturday Caturday

My mother recently sold her house and moved into an “Active Adult Apartment” complex near my youngest brother, so I was able to get some really nice furniture that have been in the family for many years.  This is a dresser that my great-grandfather made over one hundred years ago.  Naturally, Radar had to check it out to make sure that it was cat-friendly:


He seems to be quite comfortable on it!


As usual, photograph © polly macdavid

Saturday Caturday … on Sunday

It’s the middle of summer & my brain is mush in this muggy weather.  I really hate summer.  I’m a winter person.  I like the cold & the dark … what can I say.

So I forgot about Saturday Caturday.  Last night, Radar was waking me up just about every hour on the hour … do you think he was trying to tell me that I forgot to post another cute picture of him?

All that work tired him out.  Here he is, this morning, on the dining room table.


photograph © polly macdavid

Saturday Caturday

It’s been a long hot week here in Buffalo & we’re all happy that the weather finally broke & it’s cooling off.   Before the storm came, I was out on my back porch, putting away my porch furniture so it didn’t get all wet, & moving the plants out of the way of the wind.

Radar, of course, was upset that I didn’t include him.  Here he is, in the window, watching me & complaining about being left out:


photograph © polly macdavid


Saturday Caturday

I went into the bathroom today & opened up the small cupboard where I keep the towels & washcloths & toilet papers & look who I found!  Radar looks quite comfy in there.


photograph © polly macdavid





Saturday Caturday

It’s wicked hot & humid here in Buffalo & nobody is happy about it.  The cats are lying around … Jack is in my closet, where it’s cool.  I can’t get a decent pic of him.  But here’s Radar & Bobby.



The problem with the cats being so out of it all day is that they are active at night & will NOT let me sleep.  Radar, especially, bothers me … he sits on the nightstand next to my bed & paws at me to wake me up & feed him or play with him or just get up & do something … I don’t know what!  I don’t care!  I just want to sleep!

I hate summer!  I can hardly wait for winter when the cats are all curled up with me all night long & I can listen to them purr as I fall in & out of dreamland.

all photographs © polly macdavid

Saturday Caturday

I was out on the porch with Radar this morning & of course, I took some pictures.  I really like this one:DSCN9462

photograph © polly macdavid



Saturday Caturday

It’s another Saturday when Brett the plumber is here & the water is off & my bathroom is torn apart & it’s noisy & disruptive for me & the cats.  Hopefully, there’s only a few more hours of this.  My landlord said that this is the last Saturday Brett will be here but I’ll believe that when next Saturday rolls around.

The cats are handling it in their usual ways.

Radar was bothering me for quite a while (“Make the noise stop, Mommy!”) but he gave up & curled up in a box & eventually went to sleep.


Jack is in his corner on the couch.


You can see the look of resignation in his face.

Bobby is hiding somewhere.  He’s probably underneath the couch but he could be literally anywhere.  I have never had a cat who can hide like Bobby can.  I swear, he can fold himself up into an envelope & mail himself to another municipality!  That cat is talented. 

Meanwhile, I’m just sitting & reading & waiting this out.

all photographs © polly macdavid





Saturday Caturday

I ordered a new rug for my office/library the last week of April & IT FINALLY CAME this past Wednesday after three weeks of being told it was being delivered this day or that day by Fed-Ex … & being told that it was DELIVERED & SIGNED FOR on a day several days before the last day the tracking info told me it was being delivered to me … believe me, I was on the phone & giving the Fed-Ex person HELL … not that it their fault, because it wasn’t … they were just going by what the tracking info was telling them … which was wrong, of course.  But I did get my rug.

The cats of course love it.  Radar thinks it’s the best thing he’s ever had.  It’s a very thick, soft rug.  The other cats love it, too. Of course they have sharpened their claws on it & I’ve had to fix a few pulled-out strings.  But that’s life with cats.

Here’s pictures of Radar playing with a felt mouse filled with catnip.  He hasn’t played with this toy in FOREVER … in fact, this is Jack’s favorite toy but here is Radar, playing with the toy.  It’s at a years old but there’s still enough catnip in it for the cats to get a buzz off it.  They rub their heads on it so that’s how I know.




photographs © polly macdavid