Saturday Caturday

It’s another chilly Saturday here in Buffalo, NY … only 57 degrees at the moment with a stiff breeze out of the NWN & gusts of fifteen miles an hour … which really isn’t that much, considering that we’re in Buffalo … it’s a very windy city. But that wind has a real bite to it! After Wednesday’s high of 91, it seems even colder.

Naturally, the cats have the right idea & they’re curled up together on the perch in the front window. I wish I was a cat so I could get all comfy cozy with them! I’ll wrap up in my hooded blanket from Scotland & read most of the afternoon … well, I’ll probably cat nap, too!

Saturday Caturday

So far it’s been a chilly & rainy June. Today is sunny but there’s a stiff breeze off Lake Erie, which is keeping things cool.

The cats are curled up together.

Saturday Caturday

It’s another chilly but sunny day here in Buffalo. The cats are enjoying the warmth of the morning sun in the living room.

Saturday Caturday … on Sunday

Yesterday I had one of those days where I wasn’t really up to anything … not even writing. I spent most of the day on the couch in my study, reading & napping. It was a cool & cloudy day, perfect for that kind of activity.

Radar was my couch buddy all day.

Today it’s back to business as usual: writing & doing the housework & maybe even a little yard work, later in the afternoon. & of course, Wordle!

Saturday Caturday

Both cats have their favorite places to hang out & this is one of Radar’s prized posts. He doesn’t let Bobby sit here at all. Anywhere on this padded bench. It belongs to him.

Saturday Caturday

My new laptop has been in the shop for two days because apparently Windows 11, which my Dell Inspiron 15 3000 came equipped with, is a total dud! Every time there’s an update – & there’s an update almost everyday – something goes wrong. I’ve only had this laptop since the middle of January. The last three weeks, it’s like I’ve been working in DOS.

On Thursday, the Intel Wireless AC 9462 adapter took a shit after another update … after researching what went wrong, I found out that Windows disabled it (THANKS, WINDOWS) because it was “experiencing driver or hardware related problems” … the end result of this is that I could not access the internet whatsoever.

So I took my almost-brand-new laptop to a repair place, after Googling “computer repair near me”. The place I took it to was a real hole in the wall, a tiny house that probably was a nice place at one time but now is just a store front built in front of another house … it looks like it’s boarded up, honestly. You have to ring a buzzer for ten seconds & then someone answers the door. The place is filled with computer equipment & there’s hardly room to turn around. The guy who runs the place (Joe) made me think of that divorce lawyer in “Frasier” who romances Daphne for a while. Anyway, he told me that Windows 11 totally sucks & he was going to take it off my laptop, even though it came with 11, & put 10 on it. His advice is DON’T DOWNLOAD WINDOWS 11 AT ALL.

Anyway … I was without a computer for two days … reading my email on my phone, which really sucked … unable to write my diary or my poetry or work on my artwork … so now I’m playing catch-up, which is always a drag.

But Radar is right here, keeping me company.

I know that later on, when I get tired & want to take a nap, Radar (& probably Bobby, too) will curl up with me wherever I choose to nap … on the couch or maybe on the queen-sized bed in the spare room. We have been taking naps there lately.

Saturday Caturday

I got my second shingles vaccination yesterday & I’ve been feeling pretty lousy. I slept most of yesterday. I had the chills & I felt like I had a mild case of the flu. Today I felt a little better but I was still very cold, even though it was a sunny day here in Buffalo & really quite warm … it got up to 61 degrees. I did manage to mow the front lawn, which really needed it. If the rain holds off tomorrow, I’ll mow the back yard.

Robins have a nest in the awning over the back windows in my study.

I know it isn’t easy to see the nest but I didn’t want to go outside to take the picture because I didn’t want to bother the birds.

Of course Radar is always at the window chattering away at the birds. The robins are aware of him inside of the window & they aren’t happy about him. But Radar gets bored & eventually, he goes away & sleeps in one of his favorite spots.

Saturday Caturday

New cat toy!!!

It came in this package:

It makes a squeaky/scratchy sound. It’s really obnoxious. It’s the kind of toy that you have to put into the closet on the top shelf before you go to bed so that you aren’t woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of a cat playing with it (you know the kind of toy I’m talking about).

Of course, it’s a BIG HIT.

Bobby hasn’t has much of a chance to play with it yet, since Radar has been dominating play with the toy but once Radar is tired of it, Bobby will start playing with it. Besides, Bobby is much more interested in the rabbits who hang out in my front garden, eating my crocuses as they pop up through the ground.

Saturday Caturday

It was close to 70 on Wednesday but of course it’s cold as F for the weekend, even snowing this morning. We didn’t have any snow for Christmas here in Buffalo & I remember joking that we would have snow at Easter … well, it looks like that was a prediction, not a joke.

Radar is camped out on one of the heat vents this morning. I think Bobby is underneath the loveseat by another heat vent.