Saturday Caturday

We’ve had the coldest weather of the season these past several days. Right now it’s 18 degrees, which is the warmest it’s been, but there’s a steady breeze of about 14 mph, which brings down the real feel to about 10 or so. But that’s better than yesterday, which was only 3 degrees, with a wind chill of minus 5 or 6 or maybe more. It was brutal out there yesterday.

The cats are staying close to the heating vents. Here they are in the spare bedroom. Bobby’s on the bed I made for Radar & Radar is one of the pillows on the bed. The vent is under the window. I had new windows put in this summer, so the heat isn’t escaping, like it did with the old windows.


Saturday Caturday

It’s another cold, windy day here in Buffalo, NY – but not that cold – it’s above freezing & the snow has that spongy look it gets when it’s slowly melting. The driveway is all ice from the freezing rain the other night & I can see that the street is slick. I have no plans to go anywhere. I’m halfway through Jamaica Inn by Daphne DeMaurier & I have other books stacked up, ready to be read. I have a few other projects I might work on. The piano needs to be played, as well.

This week, all the holiday decorations came down & were packed away & put into the attic. I moved the furniture more or less back into the places they were before December. Bobby is happy that “his” chair is back in front of the picture windows, covered up with his favorite old comforter, where it can get a bit of the weak winter sun that’s attempting to shine today:

Radar is on the little bed I made for him in the spare room. It’s another old comforter but he doesn’t care. It’s by the heater vent & it’s nice & warm.

Saturday Caturday

It’s the worst weather in the world. No snow, just damp & cold & not even very cold … just in the upper 30s, low 40s. I hate these kind of winters. Arthritis weather. This is the kind of weather we’re supposed to be having in March, not January.

I made a fire to take away the damp chill. Bobby & Radar love the fire.

Saturday Caturday

It’s a typical winter Saturday afternoon here at Chez Silverapplequeen. I have laundry to fold & writing to do & there’s beef stew simmering on the stove. The cats are sleeping on the spare room bed … well, until I walked in there to take a picture of them.

Saturday Caturday

I got home late yesterday from my trip to see my new granddaughter & I am still quite exhausted. Radar was waiting for me on the washing machine when I walked in the back door & he meowed HELLO … I had thought he would ignore me like he usually does but he was all over me. The house smelled from three days of the cat box not being cleaned but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I had left four bowls of food & five bowls of water, but they only ate out of the bowl they usually do & ignored the other three & only drank some of the water. I bet that they slept most of the time I was gone.

As soon as I got home, I cleaned the cat box & picked up the extra bowls of food. After I took a hot bath & had a bite to eat, I went to bed. I was so tired I didn’t even bother unpacking. Both cats slept with me all night.

This morning, as I sat at my desk & got caught up on emails & other work, both cats were right by me … Radar on my desk & Bobby at my feet.

I had to do some shopping but the rest of the day, I’ve been resting. I am so glad to be home but oh! I can hardly wait to see my little girl again!

For those of you who are interested, here’s a picture of me & my lovely little granddaughter. She’s six weeks old. For what it’s worth, she looks just like my son & me. LOL

Tuesday Timeout

I’ve been busy all morning, getting ready for my trip down to Tennessee tomorrow to see my new granddaughter. I was up at 4 a.m. (which isn’t unusual for me) & had laundry in at 5:30. I am mostly all packed. You can see the rainbow-colored blanket I knitted for my granddaughter on the top of the pile there. I always put all my things into plastic bags, in case TSA wants to take a look.

I just gave the kitties their lunch & I had a bite myself & now it’s time for naps. Radar is on “his” chair next to my desk & Bobby is ready to get cozy with me on the couch in the study, like he always does.

I’m not taking my laptop with me on this trip so I won’t be posting anything until I get back, which will be late Friday afternoon. But I’ll be checking in as much as I can with my phone. I’m taking a small notebook, of course – I’ll have to write! But checking in with social media simply won’t be necessary these next few days. I’ll have more important things on my mind!

So … until Friday evening or, more likely, Saturday morning … happy blogging, everyone!

Saturday Caturday

I’ve been busy all day, cleaning the house before the New Year. I’m one of those people who believe that you should have a completely clean house before the strike of midnight on on New Year’s … all your garbage should be taken out of the house, your laundry should be completely washed, dried, folded & put away, the rooms all dusted & vacuumed, the floors washed, the bathrooms completely cleaned, the windows opened so that fresh air can come into the house & the old air can go out. I even cleaned the cat box & put in nice new litter for the kitties.

Because I was so busy cleaning all day, the cats were hiding. Late this afternoon, I made a fire in the fireplace, even though it’s rather warm … 43 degrees as of this writing. But it’s raining & it’s damp. & there’s nothing like a nice fire on New Year’s Eve.

Bobby is still hiding but Radar is camped out next to the hearth, where it’s warm. He loves the fireplace.

From all of us here at Chez Silverapplequeen … Happy New Year! We’ll be back in 2023!

Christmas morning

The Buffalo News is reporting that the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport got 34 inches of snow as of 7 p.m. last night – the snow was still falling at that point, so it must have exceeded that amount by now. Where I live got 20 inches of snow, but again, at 7 p.m., the snow was still falling. I went to bed soon after that & got back up again around midnight. The snow had finally stopped falling but the wind was still blowing like mad. I could finally see out my front windows. The snow drift in front of my house was touching the front awning & I could see that it stretched across my driveway into the yard next door & probably beyond that. Across the street, there were similar drifts in front of the houses there. My new neighbor in the lemon yellow house across the street has a giant Chevy pickup & the drift was higher than the bed of his truck. He was completely snowed in – that truck wasn’t going anywhere for a while. None of us are going anywhere for a while.

There wasn’t any footsteps in the snow – no tracks in the street – there hadn’t been a snowplow yet. The snow completely blanketed the street & the yards in my neighborhood as far as I could see – it was really beautiful & magical. The wind whipped the snow up into spirals of white flying crystals. It made me think of Doctor Zhivago. All the scene needed was a horse-drawn sleigh with bells.

I went back to bed & the kitties curled up with me. I told them that Santa Claus would be here soon. I had been telling them to be good for weeks because Santa Claus only brings new toys to good kitties.

When I got back up & looked outside, the snowplow had gone by & some of the magic was gone. But – Santa Claus had been here!

Happy Holidays from Silverapplequeen, Radar & Bobby!

Saturday Caturday

Once again, Buffalo & Western New York are being hammered by a blizzard. I know that this area is not the only place in America that’s being hit by winter weather, but this is where I live, so this is what I report on.

Bobby is hiding because he hates the sound of the blizzard-force winds hitting the house & shaking the house like it’s a dusty rug. But Radar has been going from window to window, complaining that he can’t see out. This morning, he’s been at the big picture windows in the living room, meowing at the snow.

You can’t see from these photographs, but there’s a snowdrift outside these windows as tall as the awning. This drift is the one that’s pressed against my front door, making it impossible to open. There’s another drift in the back, pressing again my back door. The irony is that I brought my snow shovel into the house before the storm so that it wouldn’t get buried by the snow & I would be able to just shovel my way out of the house. I didn’t know I was going to be unable to open my doors! LOL ~

Luckily, I have everything I need & don’t need to go anywhere until Wednesday, when I have a chiropractor appointment. But I’ll need someone to dig me out! This is a new one on me. I’ve lived through numerous snow storms & blizzards but never been incarcerated within my own home by the snow! But hey! It’s Christmas Eve & I have no wants, no needs, no worries. Just two sweet kitties & a lot of love.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Saturday Caturday

I cleaned out a closet the other day & made piles of old clothes & material scraps on the spare bedroom bed. I am planning to make a quilt. Of course, the cats think this is a grand place to nap.