Have a laugh … “I can read whatever the f*ck I want”

I had somewhat of a bad day … I called a Lyft to go to the UB Orthopedic this morning & it was a whopping $24!!! & it wasn’t like it was nasty weather out there (when they usually jack up the prices) … it was a glorious day … unseasonably warm, sunny, dry roads … but I had to be there, so I had to pay … I called my sister & found out that my mother had a medical emergency & had been taken to Buffalo General ER & my sister (a retired RN) was driving in from Rochester to be with her … I went to the Orthopedic doctor & received steroid injections, 3 on either side of my lower spine … I suffer from Degenerative Disk Disease … so even if I wanted to go downtown to the hospital & sit with my mother & sister, that wasn’t in the cards … I went back home afterward (paying only $10 this time) & spent the rest of the day reading & dozing … getting texts & emails from my sister & siblings about my mother, who was eventually admitted into Buffalo General, after a battery of tests … for “observation” … so of course I’m awake at midnight. I’m sure my mother isn’t sleeping either, I’ve stayed at that particular hotel & they like to wake you up every couple of hours to check your vitals & generally be annoying. My back is aching but I’m not in the pain I was earlier. Tomorrow, I get injections in my upper back. YAY!

Anyway, I’m going through emails & I have this one from Dead Wild Roses & it’s a clip from a recent Bill Mayer show. I often watch Bill Mayer on HBO Max but I must have missed this one. Bill Mayer’s like that dude at the bar, sometimes he’s on a roll & you can’t stop laughing & sometimes you want to throw your drink in his face. This time I couldn’t stop laughing.

Link here ~~~~> https://deadwildroses.com/2023/02/13/new-rule-i-can-read-whatever-the-fck-i-want-bill-maher/