Saturday Caturday

It’s pouring rain today & a good day to watch the new Perry Mason on HBO Max. I’m in the living room & Bobby is hanging out with me.


Saturday Caturday

I just got a new vacuum cleaner. A Shark! It’s fabulous! The best vacuum cleaner I’ve ever had. My rugs look & feel like they’re brand new.

Of course, the cats don’t like any vacuum cleaner. Radar tolerates them with a feline distance & distain, but Bobby hides.

Bobby’s hiding place was revealed when I moved the couch to vacuum behind it.

Both cats like to lie back there underneath the blanket & by that heating vent, so you know there was a LOT of cat hair!

Saturday Caturday

This is a picture of Radar watching a movie with me. The movie is “Babylon”, which you can see on Paramount+. It stars Brad Pitt (who makes acting look easy, like Clark Gable used to do), Margo Robbie (who is simply a badass), & Diego Calva, who I really didn’t know before this movie but he’s great. Toby Maguire shows up later in the film & he’s fabulous. Everyone in the film is excellent. I know it’s gotten mixed reviews but I think it’s a GREAT movie. It’s about the time when the film were changing from silents to talkies & how a lot of film stars lost their careers. & how Hollywood changed from a crazy-ass partying place to a much more staid place that could be sold to middle-class Americans.

I think that in today’s world, people have issues with films that aren’t 100% fantasy or 100 % historical but there’s a place for stories that blend fiction & fact (whether you like it or not) , & “Babylon” does that magnificently. If you know your movie history, you’ll recognize the composite of the actors & actresses of the main characters but that’s really not necessary to enjoy this movie. I mean, some people will want to know who’s who & what’s what but just go with the story. It’s a really good story. & whether you are an aficionado of movies like I am or just want to see a really crazy-ass movie, you should check this movie out.

& I cried at the end. I really did. Of course I’m a sentimental fool but I couldn’t help it.

Anyway, Radar liked it.