How to Avoid Swallowing War Propaganda

This is a must-read.  It’ll probably take between 5 & 10 minutes of your life, depending on how fast/slow you read.

“How to Avoid Swallowing War Propaganda: Cutting through bad arguments, distractions and euphemisms to see murder for what it is,” by Nathan J. Robinson

Published by Current Affairs, January, 2020

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When the War Comes Home

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IMHO, the war came home A LONG TIME AGO but most affluent Americans never noticed it or they just don’t care or they’re in denial.

The Truth about Trump’s devoted supporters

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The Truth about Trump’s devoted supporters

I feel the same way but I don’t have any problem cutting ties with friends who are devoted to Trump.  The way I see it … hanging out & partying together thirty or forty years ago is something I did with a whole lot of people & doesn’t really mean that we were close friends.  The fact that ANYONE could be a devoted supporter of Trump shows that we have absolutely nothing in common on a philosophical & spiritual level and that’s what means the most to me.  The ONLY people that are not in this category are the members of my immediate family.  & I mean immediate family.  I will cut some slack for my mother, my brothers & my sisters but they are the only ones.  There are cousins I no longer care to speak to.  Oh … if we meet at a wedding or a funeral or some other reunion, I’ll be polite & all.  But that’s as far as that goes.

As this country descends further into chaos & crapola, I don’t feel the need to remain friends with people who are part of the problem & indeed, are cheering on this descent.

Thanks to Jill Dennison at Filosofa’s World for turning me onto this great blog!