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Dump Trump (ITMFA!) and the Republicans

I’m breaking good blogging protocol. Here’s the entire article from the Pod Save [Whatevs] guys. It’s really good, and excerpting it doesn’t work, and as it is an email, there is no link to a web page.

The redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report is filled with stunning details about scores of contacts between Trump associates and Russian officials and agents, many of which occurred long after the Trump campaign learned the Russian government was actively, criminally sabotaging the election to help Donald Trump become president.


It is also filled with even more stunning information about Trump’s efforts to end, limit, or compromise the Russia investigation—most of which were unsuccessful, but some of which worked.


And, perhaps most importantly for Trump’s legal future, it reveals that Mueller made 14 criminal referrals to other prosecutors, 12…

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What Do You Think?

Thanks to Hecate for this link … it takes about twenty minutes to take this survey but I urge you to take it if you are of the Wiccan-Pagan side of the fence. You may have to think a little but it’s worth it!


Here’s a message from one of the leading academics studying Pagans in America:

My new study is exploring the way in which metaphysics, ethics, and some personal issues, like self-efficacy etc., interrelate in the Pagan community/ies.
The survey is completely anonymous and will be open through summer solstice.  While I hope that you take it, the specific help I’m asking for is if you can help me by spreading it through your networks, if you feel comfortable doing so.  The larger the sample size, the more reliable my results.
I’m also going to try really hard to use my blog to keep people up to date and share my thoughts etc.
I’ve taken the survey and urge you to do so, as well.  It takes a few minutes, but it’s time well spent.

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The 5:32 by Phyllis McGinley


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The 5:32

She said, If tomorrow my world were torn in two,

Blacked out, dissolved, I think I would remember

(As if transfixed in unsurrendering amber)

This hour best of all the hours I knew:

Children scuffing the seats, and the women driving

With ribbons around their hair, and the trains arriving,

And the men getting off with tired but practiced motion.


Yes, I would remember my life like this, she said:

Autumn, the platform red with Virginia creeper,

And a man coming toward me, smiling, the evening paper

Under his arm, and his hat pushed back on his head;

And the wood smoke lying like haze on the quiet town,

And dinner waiting, and the sun not yet gone down.