Obituary for my daughter.

A heartfelt post by Aunt Polly.

aunt polly's rants

Another great article from the blog, Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans (PITT).

When I read this, I had so many feelings … anger, sorrow, frustration, helplessness. & rage. A witch’s wicked rage against this trans-ideology that has coupled with Big Pharma & the plastic surgery industry & is now preying on children. Ruining healthy bodies for a political agenda.

If you’re not outraged about this, you have no compassion, no love. No thought about anything except political gain & ideology. You are part of the problem.

This young girl could have been me. I was just like that. But trans wasn’t a thing back in the late 60s & early 70s. I grew up into a sexy young bisexual feminist, in love with dancing & sex, drugs & rock&roll.

I think of my granddaughter, soon to be born. I wonder … is she going to fall down this rabbit…

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Idunna – Norse Goddess of the Apples

As an “applequeen”, I love all Apple Goddesses.

Wyrd Designs

While it may not feel like autumn yet in Texas, I always in particular venerate Idunna, an ásynjur (one of the Norse Goddesses). Her most well known story involves her abduction by a giant, which causes the gods to age thus revealing her important ties to vitality. Idunna is known within Skáldskaparmál as the Gods’ Lady, and indeed this is because the vitality (and therefore immortality) she provides is gifted to all of the Gods and Goddesses. While she is part of my regular praxis throughout the year, I always feel her most strongly in autumn through the winter. I decided to do an exploration into her heiti and kennings. There’s a lot to unpack here, and I feel like there’s much more that I’ll be musing upon for a long time to come too.

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Funny One-liners and Quotes

I love #2, #7, #8 & #17!

Kaushal Kishore

Last Sunday, I shared some pearls of wisdom, but there are some good one-liners and quotes available on the internet. I have collected 20 from various sources. A lot of such sayings have been attributed to Dilbert or Scott Adams, but irrespective of who had penned these funny quotes, let’s get entertained this Sunday too.

1. I say no to alcohol, but it doesn’t listen.

2. A friend in need is a pest indeed.

3. Marriage is one of the main causes of divorce.

4. Work is fine, if it doesn’t take too much of your time.

5. When everything comes in your way, you’re in the wrong lane.

6. The light at the end of the tunnel may be an incoming train.

7. In order to get a loan, you first need to prove that you don’t need it.

8. Everyone has a photographic memory, some just don’t…

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Shapeshifter Poems by Lucille Clifton

I love Lucille Clifton. Another Buffaloian.

Jezzie G

Shapeshifter Poems


the legend is whispered
in the women’s tent
how the moon when she rises
follows some men into themselves
and changes them there
the season is short
but dreadful shapeshifters
they wear strange hands
they walk through the houses
at night their daughters
do not know them


who is there to protect her
from the hands of the father
not the windows which see and
say nothing not the moon
that awful eye not the woman
she will become with her
scarred tongue who who who the owl
laments into the evening who
will protect her this prettylittlegirl


if the little girl lies
still enough
shut enough
hard enough
shapeshifter may not
walk tonight
the full moon may not
find him here
the hair on him


the poem at the end of the world
is the poem the little…

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No, It’s Mine



I’m a practical old woman and a win is, IMHO, a win. Since Dobbs, polls show a trend of people supporting family planning rights. Some of that switch, I suspect, is people who once, without thinking much, opposed abortion rights but are now kind of terrified at the idea of fifth grade girls being forced to carry their rapists’ fetuses to term. And, sure, you know, whatever it takes.

But we don’t need abortion rights because of ten-year-olds or because of women forced to die carrying septic non-viable fetuses to birth. We need abortion rights because women are people.

Abortion is right because it is about women having control over their own bodies. This is one of the reasons why “and her doctor” pisses me off so much. Is there any other medical procedure — vasectomy, plastic surgery, viagra, removing skin tags — where we feel required to add…

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Is this what a feminist looks like?

I never thought of Elizabeth II as a feminist & I’m not sure why it matters. Like feminism is some kind of cool girl club.

language: a feminist guide

It’s been an odd couple of days since Queen Elizabeth II died, and one of the oddest things about it has been the appearance of a rash of statements, news articles and opinion pieces on the question of whether the Queen was a feminist.

This hare may have been unwittingly started by the actor Olivia Colman in a statement she made back in 2019 to publicize a new season of Netflix’s royal family drama The Crown, in which she was about to play the role of Elizabeth II. She called the Queen “the ultimate feminist”, adding that “she’s the breadwinner. She’s the one on our coins and banknotes. Prince Philip has to walk behind her. She fixed cars in the second world war”.

I’m sure Colman didn’t anticipate that these remarks would become a talking point in the aftermath of the monarch’s death three years later. Nevertheless, that’s what…

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Let’s Call a Spade a Spade


Don't Lose Hope

Some things are totally unjust, and should never have happened. So don’t be tempted to believe the lie that everything happens for a reason.”

There are some things in life which are totally unjust. Things which never should have happened. So don’t be tempted to believe the lie that everything happens for a reason.

Because the truth is: it doesn’t. It absolutely doesn’t.

The fact is you deserve to be treated well, and to have the kind of life that was beautiful and good.

Sometimes the only reason that you’re suffering right now is … that somebody with issues took advantaged of you … treated you like shit … and worked their baggage out on you.

Let’s not pretend otherwise.

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Nickel and Dimed in America – a tribute to Barbara Ehrenreich (may she RIP)

I loved Barbara Ehrenreich’s books. RIP.


Yesterday, I learned that Barbara Ehrenreich passed away at the age of 81. From the Associated Press,

“Barbara Ehrenreich, the author, activist and self-described ‘myth buster’ who in such notable works as ‘Nickel and Dimed’ and ‘Bait and Switch’ challenged conventional thinking about class, religion and the very idea of an American dream, has died at age 81…A prolific author who regularly turned out books and newspaper and magazine articles, Ehrenreich honed an accessible prose style that brought her a wide readership for otherwise unsettling and unsentimental ideas. She disdained individualism, organized religion, unregulated economics and what Norman Vincent Peale famously called ‘the power of positive thinking.’”

I wrote the following post nine years ago about the need to increase the minimum wage. Fortunately, many states and cities did this very thing to get folks closer to a living wage.


The walkout this week by restaurant workers to protest…

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Straightening out Some Relationship Myths

Wow! I can really attest to the truth of ALL of these.

Don't Lose Hope

Relationship myths including the following:

1. It take two to tango; both partners share responsibility when there’s a broken relationship. Not true. Often it’s the case that one of partners has more serious issues than the other partner, or brings more baggage to the relationship. For example, they may not be able to securely attach, or they may have an alcohol or porn addiction. Hence, they are the cause of the problems you are having. Being told otherwise is a form of gaslighting.

2. We are drawn to destructive partners because of something that happened in our past. Not true. Often our partners seemed loving, fun and charming at the start of the relationship. It was only later on that the mask came off, and we saw these other – harmful – aspects of themselves.

3. You can always find a way forward if you’re prepare to compromise.

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