Missing Tile Syndrome

This is so true! I used to think of this as a puzzle where there’s always a piece missing & you’ll never find that piece but it doesn’t mean that the picture of the puzzle is any less beautiful! You have to take the good with the bad! A wonderful post!

Kaushal Kishore

A hotel had a very beautiful swimming pool made of Italian tiles, but one tile was missing. People would come and appreciate the beauty of the pool, but their eyes would be fixed on that missing one among thousands of tiles. They would finally leave unsatisfied.

We have 32 teeth, but our tongue goes only till the broken tooth. If a chair is removed from the drawing room, our attention will go only to the absence of that chair.

We focus on what we do not have, but are not satisfied with what we have. Just one shortcoming snatches all our happiness in a moment.

This tendency of humans is called the “Missing Tile Syndrome”, a term coined by Dennis Prager. It is a very big obstacle to happiness, as the mind gets preoccupied with imperfections and anomalies.

This is a psychological problem that may give rise to both mental…

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Saturday Caturday

It’s a typical winter Saturday afternoon here at Chez Silverapplequeen. I have laundry to fold & writing to do & there’s beef stew simmering on the stove. The cats are sleeping on the spare room bed … well, until I walked in there to take a picture of them.


If you care about women’s sports …

aunt polly's rants


I had no idea this was so widespread, especially here in the US. This is a gross violation of women’s rights. Women have the right to their own spaces, which includes sports, without men competing against men, & that includes men who “identify” as women, because such identification is meaningless except to the person making that claim. It is only a fact inside that person’s head. It’s time to get real.

link here ~~~> http://shewon.org/

Found on Infidel’s great Sunday links page.

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Tuesday Timeout

I’ve been busy all morning, getting ready for my trip down to Tennessee tomorrow to see my new granddaughter. I was up at 4 a.m. (which isn’t unusual for me) & had laundry in at 5:30. I am mostly all packed. You can see the rainbow-colored blanket I knitted for my granddaughter on the top of the pile there. I always put all my things into plastic bags, in case TSA wants to take a look.

I just gave the kitties their lunch & I had a bite myself & now it’s time for naps. Radar is on “his” chair next to my desk & Bobby is ready to get cozy with me on the couch in the study, like he always does.

I’m not taking my laptop with me on this trip so I won’t be posting anything until I get back, which will be late Friday afternoon. But I’ll be checking in as much as I can with my phone. I’m taking a small notebook, of course – I’ll have to write! But checking in with social media simply won’t be necessary these next few days. I’ll have more important things on my mind!

So … until Friday evening or, more likely, Saturday morning … happy blogging, everyone!

Self-Awareness and isolation are linked

So this explains it. & honestly, I don’t mind being alone anymore. It’s a condition that I’ve grown to appreciate & even love.

Brendan Dunne😎

The closer you come to self-awareness the more isolated you will become from society as a whole. There’s one simple reason why this is true and that is, the people who reach self-awareness understand how much self analysis is required to understand themselves that it’s virtually impossible to understand other people so they stop trying. Of course, they still interact with society but it’s a silent relationship, they don’t try to change other people from the path they’ve chosen to follow because that’s what people who are not self-aware do. I’ll leave you with one final thought.

Self-awareness is a journey you alone can take.

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Hope in the Midst of Despair


Don't Lose Hope

There comes a point when it all becomes too much. When we get too tired to fight anymore, so we give up. That’s when the real work begins. To find hope when there seems to be absolutely none at all.” – Grey’s Anatomy

One day it will be different. One day you will be able to look back and see that life has changed, and you’ve been able to move on. Maybe just a little, but enough to make a difference.

It might not feel like it just now. I get that. Because I have been there too.

I have been in the place where I’ve given up on hope.

Because it seemed there was no basis for hope.

Because I was far too broken to hope.

Because hope seemed like a crazy idea.

I have been there … so I get why you can’t believe, even although…

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She was a Spring day and I was a Winter storm.

Love this


She was a Spring day and I was a winter storm.

She words a pendant of tourmaline on her neck and she never wore shoes. She adored the sea and she loved watching the sun fall into the sea. She had secret angel wings on her back and she didn’t like sadness. She was a artist who saw beauty in everything.
When I found her. I was seeking the good death. I sat with her and I watched her paint the Monterey Bay. I bought her coffee and sandwiches. I told her. All work and no food.  Will kill your hunger to create. She stopped painting and she came to me. She told me, my name is Lilith, as she caressed my face. She told me. I see heavy sadness in your face and your face is already ancient. Can I paint you?
I told her. my name is Johnnie…

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