An Open Letter to White Evangelicals in the United States (Get Vaccinated Otherwise I Propose That Your Death From COVID-19 Should Not be Mourned)

I wholeheartedly agree.

Wondering Eagle

This is an open letter to white evangelicals in the United States. It’s time for you to get vaccinated. If you are a Christian prove yourself. Otherwise, if you refuse vaccination, and contract COVID-19 this blog would suggest that you should not be mourned in death. One aspect to your foolishness is that you have proved the Charles Darwin is right.

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WOMEN AND HEART ATTACKS: Things Every Woman Should Know, and So Should the Men Who Share Their Worlds

This is really important. The difference in symptoms in heart attack shows the sex-based differences in men & women. You cannot “identify” yourself into the other sex & for medical reasons alone, COMPLETE HONESTY about your birth sex should be maintained, regardless of how you identify. For your own health & the collective health of all of us.

A New Spirituality

Do you know, when women have heart attacks, they seldom experience the same symptoms as men experience. Yet men’s symptoms are well and widely known. We men are told what to watch for early in life. So why are women not told what symptoms and signs they should watch for! Heart attacks are the number one killer of women in the world. If we do not know how to spot them coming, the earlier the better, how can women get the help they need before or when they need it.

Until just recently I had no idea heart attacks for women did not present the same as heart attacks for men. And when I found out, I was furious. Even in the medical world, where women dominate by numbers, most women are not aware of their signs of an oncoming heart attack, or an ongoing heart attack. So how do…

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Saturday Caturday

I took down most of the holiday decorations & moved the big easy chair to where the tree had been. This morning, the cats were sleeping in the bright sunshine. Because of the sunshine, the first picture is very dark but I wanted to show how the room looked. The second picture is much better, although you can’t see Radar very well.

Once again, a man claims to be the “first woman” to accomplish something fab

Aunt Polly wants the truth.

aunt polly's rants

I haven’t watched Jeopardy in years. I used to watch in in the mornings, with my grandparents, when Art Fleming was the host. I watched it for many years … I loved Alex Trebek … & I love those kinds of answer & question game shows. But I haven’t watched in several years, honestly. I’m usually writing in the evenings.

I’m not surprised that everyone in MSM is on the woke train & the trans train. But it’s really getting old. AT LEAST say it’s the first transwoman to win a million dollars. When a REAL woman (one with XX chromosomes) wins a million dollars, then she’ll be the FIRST WOMAN to win a million dollars.


The WP says that “Democracy dies in darkness” … well, not only democracy dies. The truth dies. Tell the truth!

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What Would an Evangelical Dystopia Look Like for Rockpoint’s Roy Fruits? Be Afraid in Reality You Should be Terrified

A must-read.

Wondering Eagle

What would happen if Rockpoint’s Roy Fruits obtained raw power as a Christian nationalist?  Christianity and government do not mix, the tragedy is that Constantine infused faith in government during the Roman Empire. That sad legacy has created problems for Christians going forward. But what would happen if people who lead Rockpoint Church had raw, unchecked political power in the United States? The very thought should give you a cold sweat and be terrifying.

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My favorite place

Pensieri Parole e Poesie

    Foto dal web

      Mondo di mezzo
      mondo d’amore
      mondo di favole e magie.
      Danze soavi di fate leggiadre
      atmosfera di luce
      e bellezza senza pari.
      Porto sicuro per cuori sublimi
      natura, animali e abitanti
      dai cuori puri.
      Giochi, musica e gioia per la vita
      rallegrano il tempo di ogni persona
      che come i bambini ancora crede
      nel buon umore e la vera fede.
      Io vi ringrazio del vostro contatto
      e spero molto nella vostra amicizia.
      Mondo di mezzo
      mondo regale
      io vi sarò sempre leale.

        Natalia Castelluccio

          MIDDLE WORLD

          Middle world world of love world of fairy tales and magic. Gentle dances of fair fairies atmosphere of light and unparalleled beauty. A safe haven for sublime hearts nature, animals and inhabitants with pure hearts. Games, music and joy for life brighten the time of each person who like children still believe in good humor and true faith. I thank you…

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          Classic Album Covers – The Art Of Hipgnosis

          I never heard of this group but I’ve admired their artwork for years.


          Many of the classic album covers that we are familiar with were created not by a single artist – but by an art GROUP. Hipgnosis were an English art design group that specialized in creating album cover art – including many of the greatest classic albums of the 70s. Hipgnosis were Storm Thorgerson , Aubrey Powell and Peter Christopherson ( who later went on to form the band COIL ). Hipgnosis have too many album covers to post all of them here, but here are some of them. By the way – it may be of interest to some that Hipgnosis were also OCCULTISTS who considered their art to be a form of MAGIC.

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          Saturday Caturday … on Sunday, well now Monday

          Happy New Year to all my readers … two days late. I’m down with the flu … it seems to be the regular old-fashioned flu, not any variety of COVID, but I’m still achy & tired anyway. I don’t have much appetite & all I want to do is sleep.

          My kitties have been such a comfort to me these past few days!

          Yesterday was windy & blowing snow all day & I made a fire in the fireplace. As usual, Radar was right in front of the fire & Bobby was curled up next to me on the couch.

          Today it’s just cold & sunny. The cats are sleeping together in the sunny front window.

          I still feel really wiped out & after I post this, I’ll probably take another short nap. I was reading earlier that the regular flu is making a comeback this season & I can attest to that!

          Anyway, Happy New Year from all of us at Chez Silverapplequeen.