September 1: Eleanor Hibbert aka Jean Plaidy aka Victoria Holt aka Kathleen Kellow aka Philippa Carr aka Anna Percival aka Elbur Ford aka Eleanor Burford aka Ellalice Tate

One of the most prolific authors of all times, writer of over 200 novels, selling over 100 million copies & translated into over 20 languages.

I have been a fan of Jean Plaidy novels since I was a teen. I learned a great deal of history from these novels & from reading the history & biographical books she listed in her bibliographies. I also enjoyed Victoria Holt novels but I was never a great fan of gothic novels. Her other novels I have never read; some of those pen names are unknown to me. Perhaps they are published in Britain only. But if I ever happen to see one, I will certainly snap it up.

From The Lady in the Tower

Plaidy, Jean. The Lady in the Tower: The Story of Anne Boleyn. NY: Three Rivers Press, 1986. Excerpt found on page 148.