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Hey, you HAVE to read this blog post from over at Brilliant at Breakfast Rebooted.  Tell me that Jill isn’t right on the money with this one:

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I have been moving since last Friday.  I won’t be done until this coming Monday.   I never have had a move like this & of course it’s all because of the COVID-19 virus.  The movers I hired called me on Saturday & told me that they would be unable to move me because of the ban on non-essential businesses.  My son & I moved most of my things in his Pontiac Vibe … I own around 1000 books (maybe more) in 40 milk crates & various other boxes, as well as boxes filled with my diaries, poetry, & other writing.  I have a bad back; I hired movers for a reason.  However, we got most of it done.  There’s still a few things left at the old place.  & there’s the washer & dryer that needs to be moved.  I have the same landlord at the new place as the old place; he has found me a mover who will move my washer & dryer.   So hopefully, by this coming Monday, I will be completely moved in my new place & can unpack and settle in while “sheltering in place”.

The cats have been kinda freaked out but it’s not their first move, either.  They have been checking out the new kitchen cupboards before I fill them with the china.





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