January 20, 2021 … another view

I was thinking numbers the other day. You know how it’s a new year or your birthday & you add up the numbers to see what kind of year it’s going to be for you? For instance, my birthday is May 19. So I would add 5+19+2021 to get 2045 & then I would add 2+4+5 to get 11, which I would interpret as a “Justice” year, since XI is Justice in my Tarot world.

So I was thinking, what’s our new president’s next four years going to be like? What do the numbers say? I added up the numbers! 1+20+2021=2042, which “reduces” to 8, which is Strength.


However, in some Tarot Decks, the number eight is “Justice”. This works too, for the Biden Administration (at least we’re hope so!)

(BTW, the numbers for the trump administration added up & reduced to 13 – DEATH. With the way the COVID-19 pandemic was handled, or not handled, I guess that was a true prediction).

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Saturday Caturday

I just found out that Joe Biden won the presidency with 273 electoral votes and I’m happy about that. We’ll see what happens next. A whole lot of shit can go down before January 20, 2021 & that’s putting it mildly.

But these guys here could care less. As long as they have food & water in their bowls, nice soft places to sleep & a Mommy to love them, who cares who’s president of some stupid country that’s meaningless to them?

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