Saturday Caturday

Happy October 1! Last night wasn’t as chilly as previous nights, but it was perfectly cold for me. With my bedroom windows open, I snuggled happily under my quilt & blankets & slept as well as an elderly lady will, waking up to use the bathroom & feed the cats when they bother her.

Bobby started bothering me around 3 a.m., meowing about the cold. How did I know his meows were about the cold? Well, I know Bobby. He hates the cold. While Radar will burrow his way under the covers next to me, his head on the pillow by mine, Bobby stays on top of the afghan by my feet. Plus, Bobby is a real complainer. He complains about the cold, he complains about the cat box if there’s one turd in there he doesn’t want to see or smell, he complains about the dry cat food being too old, he complains that there’s not enough sun coming through the windows on a cloudy day.

I did what I always do when Bobby gets like this. I told him to STFU & I went back to sleep.

When I finally got up, I closed my bedroom windows & I turned on the heat. With my year-old high-efficiency furnace, within a short time, the house was nice & warm & no more complaints.

The cats were both in the bathroom, vying for placement on the floor vent, like it was the only one in the house. <sigh> It’s going to be a long winter.

Saturday Caturday

I wish I could sleep so soundly.

(Of course, one of the reasons I can’t sleep soundly is because Radar wakes me up all the time).

Saturday Caturday

These are my kitties right now at 4:20 p.m., toke time, on this gorgeous Saturday afternoon.

Radar is dozing in front of the floor fan & Bobby is out cold on my bed. But last night they were totally insane with the full moon … in fact, the last two nights, they’ve had full moon fever & I expect tonight to be the same way.

Radar was completely out of his mind, jumping up on my bed & pawing at me & pushing his head against mine & biting my nose & my fingers as I petted him.

Bobby was walking around the house yawling in this high meow he’s got … it sounds like a banshee … more than once I yelled “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

At 1 a.m., I thought fuck it & got up & made myself a cup of Sleepy Time tea & rolled a joint & read a little. The cats were wilder than ever. They were chasing each other around the house like crazy cats.

Eventually they settled down & I went back to bed, after feeding them, of course.


I did get a little bit a sleep but not much. I got a small nap in this morning.

Hopefully tonight will be better … but I’m not holding my breath.

Bad cats!!

Saturday Caturday

It’s a quiet Saturday in the neighborhood & at home here. The cats are enjoying the sunshine streaming through the front door.

Saturday Caturday

We’ve been getting a lot of pop-up thunderstorms lately, with serious downpours, & the other day, it actually rained all day! – which we really needed, in this summer of drought. But today there’s not a cloud in the sky. Radar is enjoying the sunspot on the hardwood floor by the bench under the hat rack.

Saturday Caturday

It’s been a tough week here at Chez Applequeen because I had new doors & windows installed & I had to move all kinds of things around before the workers came & that upset the cats; & then the cats had to be in the patio while the work was being done; & then I had to put everything back to order; both cats have been very needy & demanding.

This morning, they were both in my bedroom. They’ve been there most of the day. I think it’s kind of sweet that they’ve been in my room. Like they feel safe in the place where I sleep.

Saturday Caturday

It’s another quiet Saturday here at Chez Applequeen after two crazy supermoon nights. On Thursday night, Radar was possessed by such a full moon fever that he’s never had before. Usually it’s Bobby who gets touched by the moon. They were both insane. Last night wasn’t as bad but they were both up & running around for a good portion of the night. Of course, right now they’re both sleeping. I confess that I slept several hours this morning & I’ll probably sleep before the Bill’s preseason game at 4 p.m., although if I miss the game, it won’t be a big deal, because I’m not a big preseason person.

I’ve posted plenty of pics of sleeping cats so I thought today I’d dig out some baby pics of the crazy kitties. It’s nice to remember when they were cute & little & manageable.

When Bobby was little, he liked to hang out in the bathroom sink. I had a small round one in the apartment I was living in at that time.

Radar was so utterly adorable that I wish he had never grown up. Of course, he’s still adorable, that’s his problem. & he still thinks he’s a kitten.

Saturday Caturday

Here in the last few days of the dog days of summer, the cats & I are tired of being hot & sticky. They are both hiding in dark places. I have the blinds drawn & the fans running at all times.

Saturday Caturday

It’s cool this morning but very sunny. It’ll be hot later on. Bobby is lying in a sunspot in the living room & meowing about how happy he is. He’s a very vocal cat