Saturday Caturday … on Sunday, well now Monday

Happy New Year to all my readers … two days late. I’m down with the flu … it seems to be the regular old-fashioned flu, not any variety of COVID, but I’m still achy & tired anyway. I don’t have much appetite & all I want to do is sleep.

My kitties have been such a comfort to me these past few days!

Yesterday was windy & blowing snow all day & I made a fire in the fireplace. As usual, Radar was right in front of the fire & Bobby was curled up next to me on the couch.

Today it’s just cold & sunny. The cats are sleeping together in the sunny front window.

I still feel really wiped out & after I post this, I’ll probably take another short nap. I was reading earlier that the regular flu is making a comeback this season & I can attest to that!

Anyway, Happy New Year from all of us at Chez Silverapplequeen.

Saturday Caturday

One thing I like about the colder weather is that Radar sleeps with me at night. He gets underneath the blankets & puts his head next to mine on the pillow & purrs until he’s softly snoring. I hold his furry body & it’s the nicest thing in the world! It’s one of the reasons I love winter.

Of course, I don’t have a picture of this because I can’t take a picture of Radar & me while we’re in bed (I’ve tried) but I have this one of a sleepy Radar on my bed.

photograph © polly macdavid 2021

Saturday Caturday

It’s Labor Day weekend & soon it’ll be too cold for the cats to be enjoying the open windows. But until that day when the windows are closed against the winter cold, they’ll be in the window of their choice. Here’s Radar in his favorite kitchen window:

photograph © polly macdavid 2021

Saturday Caturday

Winter continues here in Buffalo, NY. I was out shopping most of the morning, walking to Dash’s, the Lexington Coop, & Dollar General. When I got home, I put in a load of wash & took a nap on the small couch in my living room.

Unlike most of my naps, none of the cats wanted to sleep with me. I woke up wondering where they were.

Jack was on his afghan throne.

Radar & Bobby were curled up together by the heating vent underneath my desk.

all photographs © polly macdavid

Saturday Caturday

It’s wicked hot & humid here in Buffalo & nobody is happy about it.  The cats are lying around … Jack is in my closet, where it’s cool.  I can’t get a decent pic of him.  But here’s Radar & Bobby.



The problem with the cats being so out of it all day is that they are active at night & will NOT let me sleep.  Radar, especially, bothers me … he sits on the nightstand next to my bed & paws at me to wake me up & feed him or play with him or just get up & do something … I don’t know what!  I don’t care!  I just want to sleep!

I hate summer!  I can hardly wait for winter when the cats are all curled up with me all night long & I can listen to them purr as I fall in & out of dreamland.

all photographs © polly macdavid