Sunday Sonnet

Today’s poem is by Marilyn Nelson

Nelson, Marilyn. “Balance”. The Penguin Book of the Sonnet: 500 Years of a Classic Tradition in English. Edited by Phyllis Levin. NY: Penguin Books, 2001. poem found on page 296.


Saturday Caturday … on Friday Night

I’m up a little later than usual tonight. I was up & out early this morning & when I got home, I took a long nap, so I’m awake when I would normally be sleeping. I made a fire & I’m letting it burn down so I can go to bed in a hour or so. I don’t like leaving the fire burning unattended. I’ve been working on a new poem & some other projects.

The cats are hanging out with me. They’re both sleeping. Bobby’s on the couch & Radar’s on my desk.

Radar just woke up. As usual, he’s hungry. Time to go & feed him.

Stop the Madness

But to point this out means you’re “transphobic” & an “evil TERF” & “hateful” …

NOT that you sincerely care about the future of the most vulnerable people in our society … CHILDREN.

The Right Wing’s Pitch

Damn straight.

Uncommon Sense

From the US to the UK to Italy, their pitch is the same:
If you work ridiculously hard for significantly less wealth than you create for your corporate overlords, we’ll do our best to devalue your money, cut the public services you’re paying for, sell off all your public assets, cut taxes on your bankers and land-lorders, let monopolies spawn like mold spores, and ensure your children have absolutely zero hope of owning a home or ever being free of colossal amounts of compounding interest-laden debt.” (Jared A. Block)

Nail, meet hammer!

The writer is a Brit, I suspect, but it seems that he understands American politics better than many of us.

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Tricky Questions


Kaushal Kishore

Here is a set of 15 tricky questions collected from various sources on the social media. You may have heard some of them, and also tried to answer them, but the idea is just to enjoy. Let’s have some fun this Sunday before Diwali-

1. If money doesn’t grow on trees, then why do banks have branches?

2. Why do we call the place in a stadium where we sit, a stand?

3. Which side of the arm-rest at a theatre is really yours?

4. Why does everyone want to go to heaven, while nobody wants to die?

5. Has anybody experienced what the heaven or hell looks like?

6. Why doesn’t glue stick to its container?

7. Why do we still call it ‘building’, when it has already been built?

8. If we all are supposed to help others, what are others here…

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Saturday Caturday … on Sunday

My son James & his lovely wife Crystal arrived at 3:30 Friday morning … traffic was heavy going through Louisville, KY & Cincinnati, OH, & of course, they had to stop a few times to let Crystal stretch her legs & walk around a little bit because she’s advanced in her pregnancy. I was dozing on the couch in my study when they arrived. I was SO happy to see them! I gave them a quick tour of my house & then we all went to bed.

Radar was all over them but of course Bobby hid. Bobby remained in hiding more or less most of the weekend. He came out Saturday morning when I got up to get some cat treats.

I caught Bobby & brought him to James but he didn’t seem to remember him. He just wanted to get away & he hid behind the couch for the rest of the day.

Last night, Radar slept with me like he always does but Bobby was roaming the house. He was meowing & he was scratching at the door of the bedroom where James & Crystal was sleeping. I was going to yell at him but I didn’t want to disturb James & Crystal. But apparently James got up & opened the door & Bobby went into the room & both James & Crystal petted him, so he must have decided that they were OK.

James & Crystal left this morning. The original plan was to stay through today & leave tomorrow morning, but it’s an eleven-hour drive & James wanted to have a day to rest before he went back to work on the base. Of course I cried when they left. I got a terrible migraine & had to take my migraine med & then lie down for the entire morning. I am just feeling better now, halfway through the afternoon.

I’ll be going down to see them when the baby is born. I can hardly wait!