Tucker’s Boy

The AG of NY has publicly blamed this on “social media” but it’s about time that someone puts the blame on Fox News, talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, as well as the many local hate-filled radio shows all over NY … this kid didn’t learn this sh*t by himself. He learned it by watching the TV his parents watched, listening to the radio his parents listened to. Quite obviously, he never heard “All You Need is Love” growing up & he wasn’t participating in music or anything that promotes love & acceptance of others. Hate grows in many places & not just SOCIAL MEDIA.


I heard someone on a Sunday morning news show say there hasn’t been an increase in white supremacist groups, but that they’ve been given credibility and legitimized. No shit, Sherlock. But maybe with all the big-time support from major players, like Donald Trump and the entire gaggle of idiots at Fox News, perhaps they have increased recruitment for hate groups. There was no Qanon before Trump.

The number one terrorist threat in this nation is angry whiny little-dick-suffering white guys. Most terrorist attacks are committed by these goons. This has only increased during the Trump era. Who heard of Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, and Boogaloo Boys before Donald Trump occupied the White House? And when you point out to conservatives that white nationalists are the number one terror threat in this nation, they get upset. They claim they’re not racists but they’re very defensive and protective of white…

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Wow, do I ever agree with this blogpost

Infidel753, who blogs over on Blogger, has a really great posting on his blog about how his blog is about his personal views & not what “side” he’s on; how neither the left nor the right, nor neither the Republicans nor the Democrats represent his views anymore. After reading it, I really wanted to share, because I think along the same lines.

link here ~~~~> https://infidel753.blogspot.com/2022/05/who-i-am-and-am-not.html

Are They Really Pro-Life?

Asks Eric George Tauber. The answer, of course, is NO.

Of course, we feminists have been making these points FOR YEARS. Since the Hyde Amendment in 1976, abortion has been too expensive for many women, even as it remained safe & legal. The sad truth is that in the United States, when something is “legal”, i.e., when we are granted certain rights, this means that we have the legal right to purchase whatever it is the government says we can. A gun, a marriage, healthcare. Even rights like freedom of speech often means having to buy something – get a permit for a protest or else you’re not “allowed” your First Amendment right to free speech.

In this case, we are talking about the right to be able to purchase an abortion if we are a pregnant woman who needs one. If we can’t afford it, well, that’s our problem. Very few health insurances cover abortion; Medicaid certainly does not. So if you’re a poor woman, your right to an abortion is no right at all, it’s a privilege & one that hasn’t been available to many women for a long time now. This is truth. This is what it’s like living in a wholly capitalist society, one that has never fully embraced the concept of “Separation of Church & State”. At this point in time, it seems that this concept has been relegated to the trash bin completely.

As to our rights – or if you prefer, privileges – being tied to affordability, health insurance is a good example of this. They’re taking away abortion today; say goodbye to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) tomorrow; or at least be prepared to look at spikes in premiums, so that the name is rendered obsolete (let’s face it, it’s already a misnomer). Seniors, look out for your Medicare & your Social Security. If you don’t have some other form of retirement income, life might be getting much more difficult in the next ten years – maybe sooner! It’s already tough! I don’t know about you, but getting by is much harder than it was just a few years ago! If you’re disabled & on SSD or SSI, these might be on the chopping block, too. Get set for your case to be reviewed. & of course, other landmark cases will be overturned. Voting rights have already been pushed back.

This leaked memo shows that SCOTUS is OK-FINE with taking away rights.

The radical right has been wanting to take away all these rights for as long as I can remember. They hated the New Deal; they utterly despised the Great Society. They aren’t going to be satisfied with abortion; they don’t care about anyone but themselves.

Are they really pro-life? The answer is NO. They are all about cruelty, hatred & death.

link here ~~~~~> https://themoderatevoice.com/are-they-really-pro-life/

“Trans-affirming” Dr. Marci Bowers admits that children who transition before puberty will never attain sexual satisfaction as adults

Aunt Polly is at it again.

aunt polly's rants

Dr. Marci Bowers was born Mark & fathered three children before he transitioned.

S/he talks out both sides of her mouth. He affirms the rights of children to transition before puberty but then talks about the problems of transitioning too young, mainly being able to orgasm or to be able to have children.

Link here ~~~~~> https://thepostmillennial.com/gender-affirming-surgeon-admits-children-who-undergo-transition-before-puberty-never-attain-sexual-satisfaction

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Saturday Caturday

My new laptop has been in the shop for two days because apparently Windows 11, which my Dell Inspiron 15 3000 came equipped with, is a total dud! Every time there’s an update – & there’s an update almost everyday – something goes wrong. I’ve only had this laptop since the middle of January. The last three weeks, it’s like I’ve been working in DOS.

On Thursday, the Intel Wireless AC 9462 adapter took a shit after another update … after researching what went wrong, I found out that Windows disabled it (THANKS, WINDOWS) because it was “experiencing driver or hardware related problems” … the end result of this is that I could not access the internet whatsoever.

So I took my almost-brand-new laptop to a repair place, after Googling “computer repair near me”. The place I took it to was a real hole in the wall, a tiny house that probably was a nice place at one time but now is just a store front built in front of another house … it looks like it’s boarded up, honestly. You have to ring a buzzer for ten seconds & then someone answers the door. The place is filled with computer equipment & there’s hardly room to turn around. The guy who runs the place (Joe) made me think of that divorce lawyer in “Frasier” who romances Daphne for a while. Anyway, he told me that Windows 11 totally sucks & he was going to take it off my laptop, even though it came with 11, & put 10 on it. His advice is DON’T DOWNLOAD WINDOWS 11 AT ALL.

Anyway … I was without a computer for two days … reading my email on my phone, which really sucked … unable to write my diary or my poetry or work on my artwork … so now I’m playing catch-up, which is always a drag.

But Radar is right here, keeping me company.

I know that later on, when I get tired & want to take a nap, Radar (& probably Bobby, too) will curl up with me wherever I choose to nap … on the couch or maybe on the queen-sized bed in the spare room. We have been taking naps there lately.

You Can’t Stop the Overturn of Roe v Wade, but Here are 6 Things You Can do to Mitigate the Harm and Fight Back

A MUST-READ. Even if you are over the age of child-bearing, this fight must be fought for ALL WOMEN.


For the time being, the Religious Right has won on federal abortion rights. The Supreme Court is stacked with Catholics—two thirds to be precise—and they have voted to overturn Roe v Wade. For now, conservative Christian theology limits your legal rights and the rights of people around you. But there is a lot we can do immediately to take back some control and, especially, to reduce the amount of harm this will inflict on real people.

  1. Get the word out about abortion pills and internet access.   Abortion pills are extremely safe—so safe that a group of fierce young women from Shout Your Abortion swallowed them on the steps of the Supreme Court to make this point.  The pills trigger an ordinary miscarriage—so ordinary that once it is in process medical providers can’t tell the difference. In most countries, a majority of abortions happen this way.  And now they are…

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