Dior does tarot…

If you are into the tarot (or fashion) you will love this! Gorgeous!

Guinevere Fae Tarot

Couture fashion meets tarot. A beautiful piece from the famous fashion house. Enjoy.

Love Jennifer x

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Lê Vĩnh Tài | poetry, a flaw in the colour green

love this


By Lê Vĩnh Tài, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm

a flaw in the colour green
a red spot like a blood spatter
the first time…

the last performance
the falling cicada

a grain of dust a cloud
rolling down one’s cheek a shard of glass in light of dusk

a time of age
a frog croaking way too loud

a regretful peeling chafing
burning on the face of poetry

một vết nhơ của màu xanh lá cây
một vết đỏ như máu chảy
lần đầu tiên…

một đêm diễn cuối cùng
một con ve sầu rơi xuống

một hạt bụi một đám mây
lúc hoàng hôn giọt thủy tinh lăn trên má

một tuổi già
một con ếch kêu vang to quá

một vỏ trấu xót xa
cháy xém lên gương mặt của thơ…

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Sunday Smiles

Some more Bernie Memes

By Hook Or By Book


One of the surprising highlights of the inauguration were Senator Bernie Sanders and his delightful mittens. Naturally they’re appearing all over the internet in the form of clever memes, so here are some of my favorites.


























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Silent Bones

Sunday Sonnet

About the Jez of It

Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 88

A lonely walk across the old graveyard
With silent bones resting beneath the ground
Forgotten souls, no floral calling cards
The lives lived lost to the darkness of time
When history I know was here and now
Of Victorian streets coated in grime
And Shire horses powered the farmer’s plough
I ask has the world improved anyhow
Has living really changed in all that time
When it is love that makes the world go round
The power of love that will never change
And then and as now the living gets hard
The ways and hows have a different range
But the feelings of love, they are not strange


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Saturday Caturday

It’s wicked cold & windy here in Buffalo today & the cats & I have been sleeping off & on most of the day. Bobby has been napping here on the couch with me. I took some pics but for some reason, they won’t upload to my laptop. Mercury retrograde starts in 7 days; perhaps that’s the reason.

Anyway, here’s a old picture of Bobby, all cozy in the afghan. It’s from several years ago, but he hasn’t changed. Perhaps there’s a few grey hairs in his ears now.

Bobby hates the cold more than the other cats. He will always be by the heating vent or under a warm blanket or on my comfy lap. He loves to be held. Unlike many cats, he loves to be hugged & kissed & he is free with his kisses. When James was home, he used to “groom” James – lick his buzzed head until it was quite wet!

Bobby is my black beauty. He’s a sweet kitty, one of the sweetest ones I’ve ever had.

January 20, 2021 … another view

I was thinking numbers the other day. You know how it’s a new year or your birthday & you add up the numbers to see what kind of year it’s going to be for you? For instance, my birthday is May 19. So I would add 5+19+2021 to get 2045 & then I would add 2+4+5 to get 11, which I would interpret as a “Justice” year, since XI is Justice in my Tarot world.

So I was thinking, what’s our new president’s next four years going to be like? What do the numbers say? I added up the numbers! 1+20+2021=2042, which “reduces” to 8, which is Strength.


However, in some Tarot Decks, the number eight is “Justice”. This works too, for the Biden Administration (at least we’re hope so!)

(BTW, the numbers for the trump administration added up & reduced to 13 – DEATH. With the way the COVID-19 pandemic was handled, or not handled, I guess that was a true prediction).

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The End of a Criminal Presidency

Thank heavens

The Inglorius Padre Steve's World

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Today marks the end of the most malevolent, evil, and incompetent American Presidential administration in history and the worst President who ever served. James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Herbert Hoover must be breathing undead sighs of relief in their graves as Trump vaults over them all to claim the title of the worst, most malevolent, incompetent and evil man ever to hold the office. Their spirits might even be dancing on their graves in celebration tonight. I wonder what they are drinking, but I digress.

Even though he has less than twelve hours left in office he has been preparing a list of pardons, attempting to declassify documents related to the FBI’s investigation of his campaigns ties and connections with Russia in 2015 and 2016, and even discussing splitting the Republican Party by forming a new Party which he wants to name the

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We need new swear words

Another blog from my angry side.

aunt polly's rants

I don’t want to “reach out” to the loser Trump voters. I don’t want to “become friends” again. I don’t want to try to “understand” their pain or sorrow or any of that sh*t. Honestly, f#ck that sh*t.

I’m tired of people talking to me like I’m the idiot when they don’t even have a high-school diploma & I have two college degrees & the only thing that kept me from getting more education was a lack of money. I would have started auditing classes this fall, since I turned sixty this year but COVID f#cked up those plans. I LOVE to learn. I read ALL the time. But some people think that’s a sign of … I don’t know what. Nerdism or something. Oh, I guess I’m just not one of the cool kids.

I love this Isaas Asimov quote. I meet people all the time who insist that…

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Rush Drummer Neil Peart: Master Student

I will never stop missing him or this band! THE BEST.

The Clockwork Angels Tour Concert in Buffalo, NY October 26 2012 was probably the best concert I ever attended.


The band Rush has a huge fan base at home in Canada and around the world, but despite having a big appreciation for their musicianship, I’ve never counted myself among them. (Please don’t @ me.) In reading Brian Hiatt‘s moving Rolling Stone retrospective in which family, friends, and bandmates remember the late Neil Peart, Rush’s drummer, I learned a lot that deepened my respect for the band, and for Peart in particular. A year ago, Peart died from glioblastoma, the same form of brain cancer that took another important Canadian musician, Gord Downie.

While Peart was a prolific reader who used his tour downtime to “fill the gaps in his education,” what struck me most was the student mindset he brought to the drums, despite being widely recognized as a virtuoso.

Before band rehearsals for Rush tours, he’d practice on his own for weeks to ensure he…

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