photo from Kremlin Annex protests, with letters spelling out TREASON

Urgent update from our good friends at the #KremlinAnnex:

“4pm, Friday! (4/26) We’ll be at the IRS headquarters in DC to encourage whistleblowers to turn over Trump’s tax returns and put pressure on IRS Commissioner Rettig to follow the law. Gather at corner of Pennsylvania Ave & 12th St NW from 4-4:15pm.”

How can you help?

1. If you’re in the DC area and available late this afternoon, SHOW UP. “Do they have a permit? Am I going to get arrested?” No, but no (although it’s still always a good idea to prep for a protest as if you might – take ID and some cash, and write the number of someone who can help you if you do get arrested somewhere on your body in Sharpie because who has phone numbers memorized these days?). DC is highly protest-friendly (the MPD doesn’t event require permits for protests), and even on…

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