A Goddess for the Plague

There is always a Goddess who will help in trying times!



Now that we’re regularly being reminded of the importance of washing our hands with soap and water, you might want to begin a practice devoted to the Goddess Hygieia.  The word “hygiene” comes from the same root word as her name.

Generally described as the daughter of the Greek God god of medicine, Asclepius, and his wife Epione, (thus, the daughter of medicine and healing), Hygieia is recognized as the protector of good health, especially through practices of cleanliness and sanitation.  Thus, just as all acts of love and pleasure are rituals of the Goddess, all acts of cleanliness and health are rituals of Hygieia.  When you wash or bathe, when you clean your food and eating surfaces, when you breathe fresh air, when you get enough sleep, when you go for a brisk walk, when you do yoga or meditate, you are performing rituals to Hygieia.


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