To my readers

I just moved & I am still unpacking & getting settled. I wanted to be able to do a poem everyday for #NationalPoetryMonth & #NaPoWrMo but there’s a problem with my printer so I can’t print anything out. Nor can I scan anything I write by hand. I’m really sorry about that but this is how it is. I had to be out by the first of May & my attitude was, why wait? I found a place that had immediately occupancy & I took it. & nowadays, there’s not a whole lot of places available. So I’m thankful.

Other news: I had to put down Jack, my oldest cat. I plan to write a essay about him in the near future & post it here. I really miss him. He was SO sick … he was using the litter box but missing half the time & he was crying all the time & his fur was F*d up & I could tell that he was not going to last much longer. Plus he smelled bad. He smelled like he had something seriously wrong with him. If you hang out with animals, you know what I mean. He wasn’t right. & he wasn’t going to get any better.

I REALLY MISS HIM. He was such a grand big old cat, a Buddha of a cat. I will NEVER forget him but then … I haven’t forgotten any of my pets. But what I really miss about Jack was his presence. Like I said, he was a Buddha of a cat. He would just sit there & be mellow. Well … until these last few months. He just cried all the time. He never used to cry. I knew he was ready to go. It wasn’t an easy decision but I am not one to keep an animal alive when he’s suffering. It’s not about me. It’s about my beloved pet. I didn’t want him to cry anymore.

Anyway …

Thanks for hanging in there with me & I will be back to my old self within a few days.

Love to all,

Polly Silverapplequeen.

16 Replies to “To my readers”

  1. Granny Moon, thank you so much. I appreciate your empathy. Jack was a rescue cat, I never really knew how old he was. He was just the BEST. The other cats (especially Bobby) are missing him but of course, they will adjust & are adjusting … since we just moved. It’s been a hard time for everyone.

    Again, thank you so very much. Hugs

  2. So sorry to hear about Jack. We’ve loved all our animals, but some really get to you and retain a piece of your heart. It’s good you knew when to let him go.

    Best of luck in your new place.


  3. Take care. When a cat’s will to live is gone, it is clear. I’m sure you did what was best, but That doesn’t change the very real loss. I’m so sorry.

  4. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your cat. Condolences. It is such a tough decision, but you did the right thing. He was ready to go, and you released him to the Rainbow Bridge where he can be healthy again. Do take care.

  5. I am sorry for your loss. It is always tough to lose a pet, especially when you have to make the needed call to save them anguish. Take care, Keith

  6. Hello Polly. I am sorry for your loss, no words can describe the pain of losing those who are such a large positive part of our lives. I am glad you will have the memories of Jack in his better days. Hugs

  7. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s such a hard thing to do no matter how much it’s the right thing to do. Please take good care of you.

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