7 Replies to “Woman blaming: How radical feminists are blamed for male violence”

  1. This is like saying it is “your fault I am lying.” I have been watching the HBO documentary “Catch and Kill” about Ronan Farrow and others who broke the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse. He used is bullying pressure to force multiple dozens of women to relent to get ahead in the industry. What bothered me as much is the efforts of his enablers to erase his problems that he caused. An equal part of this story is the efforts of Weinstein to get NBC to bury a ready for air story, which they still clumsily deny even today. Farrow took the story to The New Yorker where they saw the merits and broke the story.

    What causes these men to sexually assault women is the feeling they can without repercussion. Saying it is the fault of other women who are pushing for change is absolute subterfuge. Weinstein, Trump, Cosby, Nassar, Clinton, and other leaders of any entity who take advantage of their power are sexual predators. Keith

  2. Being a survivor of more than one abusive relationship, I know this dynamic intimately. BTW, I met Weinstein back in the late 70s & early 80s … back when he was running Harvey & Corky here in Buffalo. He never did more than lay hands on me (you couldn’t walk past him without that happening)

    but wow! What a pig.

    1. I had no idea of your past. I am so sorry. As for your awareness of Weinstein’s penchant for sexual abuse, it is par for the course to have begun earlier than the now public accusations.

  3. In those days, I wouldn’t have viewed his handsiness as sexual abuse. It was just the way it was. Now of course I do. Back then, I just knew to keep my distance. He was so ugly … & I was in love with a gorgeous dude.

    1. Your historical comment speaks volumes as to why it continues today – it was just the way it was. Avoidance has always been the best strategy. Even these women who were interviewed said they tried to stay out of Weinstein’s way. The man was mad with a reporter whose reporting he often did not like. When he asked her once what she had heard about him, she took a chance and said “I heard you rape women.” He did not care for that.

  4. I know one of the women he raped. I didn’t know her well but I did know her. I didn’t find out about her experience until many years later. My BOYFRIEND introduced her to him … that was something else I found out … that he was stepping out on me, taking other girls places that he should have only been taking me. Oh well.

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