Saturday Caturday

If you’ve got a Facebook page, you probably know that they like to bring up “memories” every now & then to remind you of something you posted two, five, seven, even ten years ago. The other day, this came up on my feed:

Obviously, since the photograph has a date imprinted upon it, it’s from ten years ago … a six-year-old Jack & a six-month-old Bobby cuddling on my bed in my apartment on Custer Street in the University Heights neighborhood of Buffalo, NY.

Look at Jack’s little white feet! I used to call them his high-tops cuz they made me think of sneakers! Oh, I miss him so much! It’s hard to believe he’s been gone over a year now.

8 Replies to “Saturday Caturday”

  1. Aww, Polly. Hugs to you for you wonderful photo. And thanks for taking such great care of the kitties!

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